Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 black tri males available

We currently have 2 black tri males. They are 4.5months old and utd on all vaccinations, including rabies. They are also on heartworm preventative and monthly flea and tick preventative. These two puppies were from the April 27th litter. If you are interested in meeting them, please contact me at westwoodaussies@gmail.com

Monday, July 30, 2012

13wk old puppies

The puppies enjoyed a socialization visit to the park this weekend. They had a blast. We currently have two black tri males, 1 red tri female, and 1 red merle male looking for their forever home! Please contact me if you are interested in getting one of these puppies.

 This little red tri female is full of spunk. She's the first one to take off and explore her new surroundings as well as the one to engage all the other puppies in play! She's loving and affectionate as well as eager to please.

 The little red merle male is super affectionate. He is playful but would choose to be with people over the other puppies any day! He adores belly rubs!

 This black tri male is the biggest of the litter. He's playful and confident. He loves people and other puppies/dogs. He is definitely my favorite!

 This black tri male is much more reserved than his bigger brother. He is very loving, but typically sits back and watches the others before making his move. He is also much calmer than the other puppies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes

There are four puppies looking for forever homes.

Red Merle Male $950 - This little guy is all about attention. As long as you're loving on him he is as content as he could be!

Red Tri Male $850 - He's outgoing and spunky, but also happy to be with his siblings or human companion!
Black Tri Male #1 $850 - Definitely my pick, he reminds me very much of Reagan (the grand sire). He's social and confident!

Black Tri Male #2 $850 - A bit more laid back than the other black tri, he's content to sit and watch before joining in on the fun!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long awaited puppy pictures

The puppies turned 6wks old last Friday and had their first visitors!

 This little guy is a complete love bug. He is the most content being held or loved on. He will become very attached to his future family so anyone looking for a constant companion would be thrilled with him! He's also a bit of a goof!


This little girl is full of spunk. The first one to set out and explore any new situation. She is ALWAYS on the go (well, except for when she's sleeping)

This little guy has a great even tempered personality. He enjoys attention but is happily entertained by his siblings or toys!


A spunky little boy who can only be stopped from playing by the promise of pets and affection. He's a great little guy with beautiful markings!

This little guy is my pick of the litter. He is very mellow, affectionate, but also playful! 

A little more reserved, a little more independent. He's happy to be loved on but also just as happy to do his own thing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The puppies are 3wks old now!

BLACK TRI MALE 1 ($850): This little guy was the first born. He's also in the lead for the biggest puppy of the bunch! I contibute that to his excellent appetite :) At 4am on April 27th I was on the phone with the vet desperate to have her meet me with Madison as this little guy was stuck halfway out and not budging! Thankfully, with the help of my vet she walked me through getting him out and from there on out the rest of the puppies were born without a hitch!

BLACK TRI MALE 2 ($850): Smaller than the first black tri, but a real sweet pup nonetheless!

BLUE MERLE MALE ($950): Gorgeous blue merle! His markings get prettier every day!

 RED MERLE MALE ($950): He's turning out to be a very sweet little guy!

 RED TRI FEMALE ($850): Reserved

RED TRI MALE ($850): The runt of the litter. For the first week it was touch and go with this little guy. On day two I had to pull him from the group and keep him on a heating pad and it was everything I could do to get some PMR into him. At first I wasn't sure he had any fight in him, but he proved me wrong and he's growing more and more each day! He has a special place in my heart!

Deposits to hold a puppy are $300. If you are interested in learning more please contact me at westwoodaussies@gmail.com or call at 434-250-8075. Email is highly preferred and any information about yourself, living situation, and past pet experience would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, May 14, 2012

New litter born April 27th 2012

Westwood's Madison, James and Westwood's Jefferson, Thomas were bred and the newest litter here at Westwood Miniature Aussies was born on April 27th 2012!

We are happy to welcome 6 healthy puppies into the world.

5 males (2 black tris, 1 red tri, 1 blue merle, and 1 red merle) and 1 red tri female!

More pictures will be posted soon. If you are interested in learning more or would like to inquire about getting a puppy please email me at westwoodaussies@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New litter

We are anticipating a new litter of puppies from Westwood's Madison and Westwood's Jefferson mid April of this year.

Updates to be posted as they become available.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All puppies have found their new homes

We will be planning another litter late next year. Please inquire for more details or keep checking back for updates!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hiking with the puppies at 13wks

We still have three very sweet puppies for sale. Each is very much an individual but all three of them would make wonderful and loving pets!

To help wear them out and also to expose them to new sights/sounds/and smells we took them all for a hike today. I've been going on hikes with the adult dogs and they all absolutely love to be out in nature; the puppies were no different!

Harvey - red merle male ($900). He's a real sweetheart. He has a good temperament (somewhere in the middle of his brother and sister). He's adventurous but also a lover, he enjoys attention almost as much as exploring!

Oswald (Ozzy) - blue merle male ($900). He's 100% explorer! He is first to do absolutely everything and when we were hiking down an embankment, he didn't pause to find an easy route, instead he leaped several feet to get to the bottom. He's fearless! He would make a great obedience dog and an even better agility dog!
Quinn - red tri female ($800). This sweetie is a bit of a cuddle bug. She's not as adventurous as her brothers, but she still tackled all the obstacles of today's hike. She did, however, remain the driest! She's a smart little girl and would make an ideal pet - her calm nature makes her a real treasure!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puppies at 10wks old!

We currently still have 3 puppies looking for their new forever homes. They all have wonderful outgoing personalities and would do well in a home that could provide daily attention, exercise, and training!

$900 Harvey is a lovable little red merle male. He's energetic, but calms down for love and attention!
$900 Oswald is a small blue merle male who's one of the more independent puppies of the bunch. He's absolutely gorgeous and has two solid blue eyes. He's a lover and doesn't turn down having his belly rubbed!
$800 Quinn is a very outgoing little girl with a lot of spunk. She's got an awesome personality and seems to take everything in stride!

Contact me at christalynn.duff@gmail.com with information about yourself, family, and past pet experience. Also, please feel free to ask if you have any questions!